17, ఫిబ్రవరి 2010, బుధవారం

TDP’s hypocrisy exposed! - Bhandaru Srinivasrao

TDP’s hypocrisy exposed!

Telugu Desam Party MPs and MLAs belonging to Telangana region’s decision to link their resignations with the ruling Congress members over ‘bifurcation’ of state issue not only sounds ‘funny’ and ‘ridiculous’ and exposes its dual policy and hypocrisy.

In fact, Telugu Desam party was born only to enhance the pride of Telugus world over. The man who fathered the party, N T Rama Rao, indeed accomplished his dream as the hitherto “Madrasi” tag to Telugus among north Indians was permanently detached. Yet, for political compulsion, the party might have voiced its concern to the bifurcation issue, but never willing to be sincere.

This is clearly evident from its recent decisions. After fighting the 2009 general elections under the banner of “Mahakutami” along with separatist Telangna Rashtra Samiti, later parted ways after benefiting winning 39 seats of its 50-odd contested. On the other hand, the TRS, which had won 27 in 2004 elections combining with Congress, could end up winning just 10 out of 40-odd it contested. These results clearly exhibits that there was no uniformity in the so called ‘Telangana sentiment” and had it been there, the people of their region could have voted enthusiastically to either TRS per se or to “Mahakutami.’

Here political analysts may argue that since the Congress had also promised to ‘look into’ the ‘bifurcation’ issue had made voters of the region to side with the ruling party and help them win 56 seats of the total 119. Yet, it holds no water, as the 2009 elections, I personally as a political analyst, feel was ‘positive vote’ in favor of the ruling Congress under Y S Rajasekhara Reddy’s stewardship, pushing other contentious issues, including separate Telangana to backdrop. That’s why the Telanganites voted enthusiastically in favor of Congress and never got attracted to the provocative statements of TRS leader K Chandrasekhara Rao. This pattern of voting was even witnessed after the party split, and the reduced 17-member KCR’s TRS forced by-elections and could retain just four or six.

Thus far, the so called ‘sentiment’ prevalence had not really reflected in the voting pattern. But, today, the scenario might have changed drastically for variety of reasons. People, cutting across their professions and practices, might have divided vertically and vociferously spearheading their agitations in favor of separate statehood. But, will they show same unity, in case of by elections, if they were forced? This is the million dollar question and none are willing to discuss.

As it is the Telangana JAC, which was formed by voluntary organizations and forums, besides roping in all major political parties of the region into it, today looks seized to exist. Fearing to face the wrath of party high command, the Congress MLAs walked out of JAC. The TRS, which in fact was born to fight for separate statehood and take the fight to its logical conclusion, had taken the decision to resign and they did precisely what they had been promising. So were others, one of the two BJP members and one of the two PRP members. Though two of the Congress legislators submitted their resignation, the Speaker is yet to accept hoping they may relent after following the party high command’s diktat.

Contrary to this, the Telugu Desam, which forms second largest party in T-JAC, decided to submit their resignations of 39 MLAs to JAC Convenor, Prof Kodandaram, rather than hand them over to the Assembly Speaker. Even their handing over of resignation was with a rider – i.e., provided 35-40 Congress MLAs too give their resignation letters. The TDP members argue that by resigning 40 or 50 MLAs from the region cannot create Constitutional crisis, as the government had the option to hold by-elections. It argues that unless majority of the 119 (at least 100) resign, then the Centre will have no other option, but to concede the separatists demand. Though their argument has some logic, yet their sincerity and earlier commitment got exposed.

Even the TRS leader finds fault with TDP for backing out as it feels, rightly so, if the entire Opposition resigns, the Congress members of the ruling party bound to get exposed. KCR is also confident Congress legislators facing the wrath of their constituents, if they relent. That the Congress members are being caught between ‘devil and deep sea’ kind situation is understandable. And the TRS strategy is to yet again prove the Congress as the ‘real Villain’ and solicit the other Opposition members’ support.

Contrary to this, the TDP member’s fear, if they too resign and the determined Congress which chose to order (read recommend) by-elections, then they may land in soup. Can they retain all their seats? Or face the same fate that of the TRS in the past, losing few even to the Congress?

I, for one, continue to ponder, whether the voting pattern too will be on ‘sentiment’, rather than other local and personalized issues like ‘caste’, ‘party’ and ‘individual’ factors?

In other words, the TDP too caught in identical situation like its arch-rivals Congress, though in a different format. Yet, what it failed to understand is that its ‘rigid’ stand linking with Cong got ‘exposed’. Its dual policy may as well do more harm than good to the party in coming days. (17-02-2010)

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There are no real leaders. That's the problem. Areal leader stands firm with his convictions. If the masses differ with him and choose a wrong path, he should be able convince them and make them choose the right way. Example is Mahatma. When he preached abolishing untouchability,the masses as a whole were in the grip of caste prejudices. But slowly he convince the masses to eshew untouchability. Unlike today he did not have any votes to be polled in his favor.

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