10, నవంబర్ 2010, బుధవారం

Hell with gains & losses of Obama’s visit. Feel good… -Bhandaru Srinivas Rao (I.I.S.)

What India has gained from three-day visit of US President Barrack Obama? That’s the question now seems every one asking. Skeptics continue to accuse that Obama walked away ensuing 50,000 jobs back home and demanding Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to spell out the list of agreements that have been signed between the two largest democracies benefiting us.

But, I as a commoner feel India got more than what it expected. That’s the warmth and affection from world’s powerful nation’s head. The very statement of Obama that India no more can be called an emerging economic power, but already emerged, itself is the biggest compliment that every Indian feel to receive. This apart, assuring US support to India to fulfill it’s to dream of a permanent seat United Nations Security Council, is another immeasurable ‘gift’ soon after Diwali. Still many critics may say what is so great about becoming UNSC member? Well that’s the rare honor to feel we too have accomplished a role to play alongside other developed nations for promotion of international peace. Yes, thus far, it is most admired and envied institutional bodies in the world.

Having said that these two gains, India could also achieve another major goal of neutralizing our most envious neighbor China, which, now in fact, has agreed to support our claim for a permanent seat in UNSC as it too recognizes us as ‘emerged economic power’ in the world. What more one can expect from US President’s trip?

What most impressed me as an Indian is of Obama couple’s warmth towards whomever they met and interacted during their visit. None of the US Presidents in the past have shown such warmth towards their Indian counterparts. Was it due to Obama being an African American, or a white American like Clinton or Bush?

True back home, Obama too has problems aplenty. He made no bones of that. That’s another factor which really impressed me most. I am sure millions of my brethren in this country too might felt the same way when he bluntly said; “I too have to reply to my people as there is mounting criticism over my visit to India. Tomorrow when I return, I can proudly say that my visit to India help generate 50,000 job opportunities.”

Undoubtedly, Obama, unlike his predecessors, who visited India, appears to have done homework to perfection. He floored doubting Thomases in India over US stand on Pakistan, while addressing the Joint Parliament session a day before he left the shores to Indonesia. His explicit remarks, of course with a regret, that Pakistan unfortunately allowing its soil to be used by the terrorists who creating havoc elsewhere in the world surmises Indian sentiments. Perhaps, may not to the extent that one expected of calling or declaring our neighbors a ‘rogue’ or ‘terror’ state. That’s another eloquent high quality diplomacy characteristic which indeed floored almost all Indian politicians, barring the Left leaders who had no other option but to search week-ends just for heck of it.

US President’s categorical assurance to look into several issues, including that of “visas”, ‘outsourcing’ and ‘turban’ should be taken into right perspective as we could for the first time in history come across a honest man to do future business and further concretize our relations.

That Obama has done greater homework to understand Indian psyche is also evident from his in-depth knowledge of Mahatma Gandhi, whom we adore as ‘Father of the Nation”, and also of our cultures and ethos. His amazing mention of Panchatantra, which many our present day politicians might have bother to know, and other aspects like saying ‘Jai Hind’ at the end of speech, indeed were great acts to perfection.

He time and again reiterated describing US and India as largest democracies in the world and his keenness to work together for benefit of world community. As far his passing comment on Mynmar should not be viewed seriously as India’s foreign policy is not to ‘poke its nose’ into their neighbors internal problems. Even on Kashmir issue, Obama appears to have understood the complexity of the issue which tagged on with emotions, chose to restrain him tactfully.

Thus far, the overall visit of Obama to India was more than fruitful. India bound to benefit with its new-found US friendship and so is US. I wish to join chorus of those millions of pessimists to say Jai ho Obama.(10-11-2010)

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Rao S Lakkaraju చెప్పారు...

Very beautiful positive essay. May be some of those 50,000 jobs go to Indians settled here.

భండారు శ్రీనివాసరావు చెప్పారు...

Thanks Lakkaraju sivaramakrishnarao garu -bhandaru srinivasrao

karlapalem Hanumantha Rao చెప్పారు...

As usual with yoour powerful style of writing you might have succeeded in convincing the common Indian's preoccupied mind...somehow I cannot come into your line of thinking.However, I agree with your observation that Mr.obama personally left a different positive good-feeling on our minds wuth his sincere home work .But when his visit to India is in his capacity as the US president, how we couldn't count the pros and cosns? Inspite of my difference of opinion with your essay I still love your way of dealing the whole matter in a different angle.

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